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Perry Woods
Perry Woods
Perry Woods
Old Sarum
Nicholas Collett
Magna Carta
Salisbury Cathedral


How impossibly unattainable this century felt when I was a child in the sixties. 

I had a glorious imagination back then but this far in the future seemed so remote.


I would wake to ice patterns on the windows in the winters of the sixties and get dressed as quickly as possible because the only heating was a back boiler and I still recall seeing my breath misting in the air of early mornings. And oh! the cold bathroom floor. I am mindful that the economic (and spiritual) recession we are currently in, means that for far too many, heating has once again become a luxury and my memories are become harsh reality for those unable to heat their homes. How far we've come, how little we've achieved.


It's a time to look forward, to move forward, to shake off winter and reach towards the return of spring.  I am acknowledging my dreams, considering the reality of my hopes and growing the seeds within them so I have aspirations to see me through til winter comes again.  We all need purpose and hope and 'worth'.


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